This is me

Hello there,
i am a design student, artist and aspiring UX desginer based in Germany. I was born in Hamburg and raised in Berlin. Currently I study Media & Interaction Design in Osnabrück.

software i work with

Graphics and Illustration
PS AI ID Fresco Procreate
3D Visualisation

C4D substance

XD Axure

What drives me forward


To create something is my constant goal in life. Let that be paintings, poster designs, new app interfaces or memories. I love to be creative in every way I can. The results may turn out very different though. It always depends on the goal. When you create a painting, you want to reach the person, that is seeing it, differently than when you are creating an user interface. I made it my goal to always find the right way to do so.


I get inspired by everything around me. That's why I love to travel. Seeing other cultures and their surroundings is a very important part in getting to know the world and yourself. But also the little things do their deeds and inspire me to start a new painting or influence the style I design something in. I would love to someday be that person, that can inspire other people with their work.


As a human being, your constant task should be to develop yourself and to never stop trying to learn something new. I do know a lot already, but I also know that there is still a lot left to learn. That's why I consistently try to master new techniques and skills and to gather know-how. Additionally I am very open to criticism, whilst trying not to betray my values and intentions I brought into a project.