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category: graphic design

tools used: Procreate | Photoshop

Art communicates values


The poster series 'Art Conveys Values' addresses grievances in the art of past masters. I chose three very well-known Renaissance paintings and tried to draw attention to the circumstances that only white people with light hair are depicted. For me, that didn't really make sense, based on the fact two of these three paintings are connected to stories from the Bible. I asked myself questions like 'Why should angels only have white skin?', 'Why should Adam have been a white male?', 'Why should the goddess of beauty and femininity be white and light haired?'

For each of these paintings i created two posters. The first poster shows a part of the original painting and a bold headline with grafitty marks. The second poster, which can only made visible using Augmented Reality, shows the people depicted in the painting with a different skin and hair color. Additionally there is some text adressing the circumstances of racism and colorism in the painting.

'Art communicates values' is such an important phrase, that we all are not well enough aware of. We are influenced by artworks like this from early on in our lifes. They tell us indirectly, that white skin is normal and other skin tones are not. This is not acceptable. TL;DR: As an artist, you have the responsibility to convey the right values. As a viewer you have the responsibility to reflect on the things you consume.

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