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category: UI Design

tools used: Adobe XD | HTML | CSS


Web Redesign

While i was working on my bachelor thesis, i was approached by the Kunstschule Bad Essen (KUBE), an art school outside of Osnabrück. They were asking me to redesign their complete website. I gladly took on the task. Their wishes for the website were for it to be really simple and well structured. Also they wanted less text and a lot of color.

Staying close to their wishes, I created a really easy-to-use interface decorated with a dynamic header font and a combination of the basic colors red, blue and yellow, which are their logo colors and can be used to create every other color based on the color theory of Johannes Itten. In those colors i added the basic forms square, triangle and circle, which are the foundation of every object. The website was built fully responsive.

I did not have a lot of ressources or extra time on my hand at that time. Besides, i was just asked for an interface redesign, not for UX work. I still conducted a couple of interviews beforhand to see, what people could especially be looking for on a website of an art school and which emotions they connected to their experiences with an art school. I summarized my findings from the interviews on a digital whiteboard and thought about the groups of people that an art school would appeal to.

After that I created the first sketches and following that, a first UI for the homepage of the art school with Adobe XD. The first feedback meeting with the board of the art school showed, that the board had another direction for the design in mind. I kept the basic structure of the website and lightened the design up. The board loved the new ideas and I started to build the website with HTML and CSS.