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category: UI and UX Design

tools used: Adobe XD, UCD Methods

team: Jim Brummer | René Meyring | Suzin Prozesky

roles: User Research | Conceptualisation | Usability Evaluation


Performance concept

In the course of the 6th semester of our studies in Media and Interaction Design we could choose between several projects, which we then worked on for a semester. Together with Stephan Lutermann and CHOREOS, we had to develop a concept for an interactive concert event. The audience should be involved in the performance without actually being on stage. To meet this challenge, we turned to techniques such as augmented and virtual reality. This made it possible for us to create a concept for an interactive event, in which the spectator can experience a much broader experience than is usually the case with classical concerts. With the help of a smartphone and the corresponding app, everyone, from young to old, can have their own experience of a CHOREOS performance. This concept has been adapted to the needs of participants, so that target groups with less affinity for technology, can enjoy the same quality of the performance can enjoy.

Coming up with the concept was a group effort. My tasks specifically towards the end were the planning, execution and evaluation of the usability tests.