What's Cooking - a Prototype

category: UI/UX Design • tools used: Adobe XD | Illustrator

'What's Cooking' is an app that is supposed to help you with your decision, where you are going to order your food or what you are going to cook. See the work in progress of this prototype here: klick!

This file serves as my playground file, where I can experiment and try the new features of Adobe XD.


The goal of the app is to spare you from wasting time, thinking about where and what you're going to order and keeping you from ordering the same thing over and over again.

It should also make it easier for you and your housemates to decide what to cook the next week.

Add your preferences

Add your profiles, preferences and recipes to the app. After doing this, it will know what the people of your household like or don't like to eat, if anyone has allergies to anything and what kind of cultural cooking styles are popular. The only thing you have to do then is turning the wheel.

Short version:

Add your preferences

Add your recipes

Let chance decide

Turn the wheel...

... and let the app choose what you are going to eat, whether it's going to be delivered or cooked by your hands. The app keeps your budget in mind, so you always get the food, that you can afford.