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category: UX Design

tools used: Axure RP | Illustrator | Photoshop | InDesign | JavaScript | HTML & CSS


User-centered design process

'Naumatic' was the name of the project I did as my bachelors thesis for the company Neuro-Net GmbH .Topic of my thesis was the 'Conception and prototypical implementation of a 3D configurator for model boats according to the methodology of user-centered design including the redesign of the web presence for the company Neuro-Net GmbH'.

For this thesis I combined my skills from areas such as 3D modelling, interface and user experience design to create a realistic, aesthecially pleasing and user friendly prototype of a website. It was also supposed to test to what extent a 3D configurator could be beneficial to the business strategy of the company and what possible risks could be in this case.

It was also necessary to create a new corporate design for the brand 'Naumatic' that was used in the creation of the prototype.

For the creation of the prototype, the methods of User-centered Design have been applied. In preparation for the concept, interviews and a survey were conducted. This information was further processed in the concept. Finally, the prototype was tested with users and then revised.

Project plan for the bachelors thesis
First persona
User journey map of the first persona
Second persona
User journey map of the second persona
Moodboard as inspiration for the design